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Silan photoelectric teach you LED display point spacing and the calculation method for the stadia

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When we in the choose and buy any a LED display, is not the choice of the without a purpose, but according to our needs to order, to achieve the ideal effect, and this is inseparable from the LED display point spacing and stadia that this can give full play to its biggest LED display.

First, the point spacing calculation method: each pixel to each point at the center of the distance between adjacent pixels; Each pixel can be a LED lamp (such as: PH10 (1 r)), two leds (such as: PH16 (2 r)), three leds (such as: PH16 (2 r1g1b)), P10 point spacing for: 10 mm; P16 point spacing for: 16 mm; P18 point spacing for: 18 mm.

Second, the length and height calculation method: long distance x point = / high

Such as: PH16 length = 16 point x 1.6 ㎝ = 25.6 ㎝ height = x 1.6 ㎝ = 12.8 ㎝ at 8 o 'clock

PH10 length = 32 points x 1.0 ㎝ = ㎝ height = 16 point x 1.0 ㎝ = 16 ㎝

Third, the screen body module number calculation method of use: total area of the present mould length present module height = use the module number

Such as: 10 square PH16 outdoor single color led display using module number is equal to:

10 square metre present 0.256 m members present 0.128 m = 0.256 material 305

More accurate calculation method: length using the module number x height using the module number = total use module

Such as: 5 meters high, 2 meters long PH16 use single color led display module:

Using the module number = 5 meters long present 0.256 m = 19.53125 material 20

Using the module number = 2 meters high present 0.128 m = 15.625 material 16

Use the module total number = 20 x 16 = 320

Fourth, the LED display visual distance calculation method:

RGB color mixing distance three colors blend into a single color: full color LED stadia pixel spacing (mm) x = 500/1000

The minimum viewing distance can display smooth image distance: led display visual range = (mm) x 1000/1000 pixel spacing

The best viewing distance of the viewer can see clear picture of the height distance: led display the best stadia pixel spacing (mm) x = 3000/1000

Farthest viewing distance: led display furthest visibility = screen height (m) * 30 (times).

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