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Small spacing of LED display for the development of the market

See:1046Date:2016-04-28 13:24:06

As the demand of the LED display is becoming more and more and more and more rapid development, the demand is becoming more and more high, big span LED display already can't satisfy people's needs, in order to solve this situation, many companies developed small spacing LED display, including silan photoelectric LED display small spacing. In the small distance between the LED display screen of the maturity of the technology at the same time, it is not difficult to find small spacing LED display have been developed to a new stage, and small spacing LED display industry also encountered bottleneck.

Small spacing LED display

Small spacing LED display encountered bottleneck mainly include the following:

1. The low light and high ash

Standard indoor LED display brightness around 1200 CD / ㎡, but the brightness is directly used for families TV or monitor, will damage the user's eyes. If the small distance between the brightness of the LED display range directly down to 100 CD/CD / ㎡ - 300 ㎡ interval, will direct loss gray level and quality, so this will require manufacturers to develop low light LED display high ash small spacing. LED display to achieve low light high ash the condition, and the display chip, interlocking control, drive, and other steps, so you need to LED display manufacturer in both devices and in technology and raw materials will have very high demands.

2. The after-sales maintenance

Most LED display manufacturer in maintenance will use air pressure gun, but for small spacing LED display, the average removal lon-izing simply can't use, because the cause of the gap is too small, if use normal air pressure gun, because of the heat is too high, will be around the surface of the lights burn into a paste, so for LED display manufacturers, maintenance is also a technical problem.

3. The big resolution on load

, the smaller the distance between LED display, LED display of the same area, the greater the resolution, that is to say, in the same area of large span LED display using only a receiving card, LED display is also used by a receiving card carries small spacing, so little distance between the LED display screen display performance index will reduce, and in the limited space inside the enclosure, and can not be installed more than receive card carries a box body. To solve this problem, can according to the structure of the enclosure, customized receiving card, make receiving card and module combination, large load and high performance.

4. Small spacing innovation ChengBing enterprise concerns the application of the "new" mode

From nearly a year of market development indicates that small spacing technologies and products are more "technical reserves". Realize large-scale application and production of products, basic concentration between 1.2 to 1.9 standard. Excess technology is already a little distance between the LED screen industry must seriously thinking of problem.

The applied mode of the integration and innovation of "new" has become a small spacing LED one of the most concern of the enterprise. Including domestic television, conference room, use a large monitor, digital sign market special shape and size of the display, etc., are becoming small spacing application extension point. In contrast, focus on high-end large-scale project, virtual simulation, control product concept of the market, some lower "tone" instead. That its market scale co., LTD., with the latter is more saturated relations; But small spacing with many more new LED products suppliers, its own market positioning have relations - in fact, small spacing LED technology generalization, necessarily mean a "generalization" the application of the market.

According to the current development trend, the trend of the development of small spacing will not only confined to the LED display, it may be express by the Internet, the Internet of things, become the carrier of the Internet. Small spacing product has the advantage of seamless splicing, the size of the product is no longer limited, so people interact with the screen to achieve the more likely it is that once reached the interaction, and when the interaction is becoming more and more frequent, also more close to people, new way of communication may be born because of this, but it will also urge the small spacing the ever-expanding products.