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LED display production process

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We do LED display, first of all have to have foot, a display screen covers the casing outside the local, according to local, local, stem power supply locally and small accessories.

Local: 1. The frame is special aluminum extrusions, edges, light steel keel, tailgate (aluminum-plastic plate, the plate is ok)

2. According to local: unit board. Accessories include: ribbon cable on the power line.

Local: 3. Stem stem card, transfer board, row line. Note! (individual stem card don't have to speak to plate and wire)

4. Power supply local: 220 v to 5 v power supply. Commonly used for 40 a, 30 a. Start working mood status.

5. The small accessories: 16 p line, 16 p card head and clamp, three lines, some value DB9 head, needle, hole DB9 plastic shell, the power cord, self tapping. The strong magnet (supporting column and disk)

6. Tool: cutting machine, wire clamp, soldering iron, stripping pliers, a screwdriver.

Assemble steps

Make a LED display want to make sure the frame size, below I explain for everybody suddenly cross border. In the most commonly used 3.5 * 90 profiles and P10 unit as an example. Screen size is 2 * 5 blocks.

1. Confirm that the size of the cell plate, should be very accurate to mm. P10 unit board, for one, its size is 16 cm * 32 cm.

2. Calculate the display unit within plate net size of high and wide, such as the case of higher is 2 * 16 cm = block 32 cm wide is 32 cm * 5 pieces = 160 cm

3. The calculated net minus 4 mm in size, as mentioned above, the net size is 32 cm * 160 cm, then aluminum size should be (32 cm - 4 mm) * (160 cm - 4 mm) = 31.6 cm * 159.6 cm. 31.6 and 159.6 is the actual size of aluminum, and display more than 3 meters need to minus 5 mm.

4. The edges and cut good profile with self tapping a petition, thoroughly clean sundry, face down.

5. Put the unit board according to the direction of good, not the wrong direction. There is pin must be towards the high profile.

6. Remove the magnet for column loaded on the cell plate and the disk broadcast into the nursery in the column of concave 巣.

7. Good amount of light steel keel required length and cut good, on the magnet, try our best to let the magnet in the middle of the keel position, avoid deviation distance.

8. The keel with self tapping and border a petition.

9. The unit with wiring board petition, bridge, can't let have a knob with rows of phenomenon.

10. The power supply is fixed to the profile and fitting position, can according to say below really know where to put the power, the power of ordinary in the show on the screen at the bottom of the profile. Pay attention to and the insulation of the cell plate.

11. Regarding the power cord, the power cord can not understanding of petition, show screen is low pressure of office, but the current is very big. Can not and all the way to come over, a P10 unit plate full current for 4 a, that is a piece of 40 a power can take ten unit board. Show screen for parallel with the line, is the positive even the anode and cathode cathode, ordinary VCC, + 5 V, + V is positive. GND, COM - V as the cathode. And it is cathode can not wrong, otherwise it will lead to unit the board scrapped. Example: a piece of a power supply with 40 10 unit board, we can be divided into three and to together to power a 5 v, and then on the three tickets to the power and time, together to the power supply and the final four. That is to say, every road electric does not exceed 4 unit board, so will not destroyed due to excessive current line.

12. The stem input unit card on board, and make sure you directly from the power supply for 5 v on the electricity.

13. Stem card pin is down the order. Such as JK1. JK2... ... Or J1, J2... ... JP1, JP2... ... At the input to a location to be a petition to the cell plate at the top of the arrow that a unit board.

Signatures of the unit and stem boards: common stem with A small white card pin one the color of the letters A, the input end of the unit board also has such character, as long as the two with A row of lines parallel to the petition is accurate.

After 15 or more workers to do to prepare for the screen inside the debris must be thoroughly clean, avoid belt at the end of the conductive aluminum, iron, at the end of the thread off into the circuit board actuating unit board damaged.

16. After finishing work completely ready, electricity testing, premise is to do numerical line. Since most of the digital control card before without changing numerical are showing abnormal. So meet after electrify symbols show mixed and disorderly, dark, there are bright spots, etc... ... Don't floundered around, as long as the confirmation is cathode is not wrong you don't need to pipe it.

17. Numerical line welding method: ordinary display only down two of three. Extension cord: this is the needs of each screen. As the name implies, its utility is extended the stem numerical interface card to revealed the screen. Because of your display will ultimately seal back cover, the total can not be changed once data down a back cover! He needs material has: three core section don't have to be very long, a DB9 needle, a DB9 hole. Each DB9 digital are marked at the back of the welding place above 6789, we just signed the 3 is ok. The three to 235 of the needle hole 2 and 2 with a root welding on the surface of the three core there live. 3 and 3 welding live 5 and welding. Set back the plastic shell to one end of the needle, (due to the hole in the screen inside) is OK!

Not the intersection of two straight lines with same extension of welding method, the difference is not the intersection of two straight lines with two hole DB9, all plastic shell on demand. Crisscross lines and intersection of two straight lines of materials in the same way, the difference was staggered line connected to another 2 3 on 3 even to another 2, 5 still pick up 5. Also need two plastic shell on his head.

18. The crisscross lines and intersection of two straight lines is used stem card to vote using parallel swirl.

19. Ready is above the rest of the office after the adjustment, be sure to electricity power regulation premise is display. Stem card category on the market very much I will not introduce adjustment.

20. Adjust good test after 2-5 days, if no problem you can put on the back cover cut good sealing. In the end can delivery!

Matters needing attention

1. The unit board and can curb the card must be received more than 5 v on the electricity.

2. All of the line is the cathode must can not be wrong.

3. Must be completely finishing neat clutter in the screen.

4. 220 v alternating current (ac) is the cathode.