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LED display is to the development of the airport railway

See:1009Date:2016-05-25 18:25:38

Recently, the national development and reform commission, ministry of transport jointly issued "major transport infrastructure project construction action plan for three years (hereinafter referred to as the" plan "). From 2016 to 2018, to focus on advancing the railways, highways, waterways, 303 airports, urban rail transit projects, involving the project total investment of about 4.7 trillion yuan. Among them, the railway, the investment focus on high-speed rail, the Midwest and inter-city rail, 34, 2016 key project involving a total investment of 780.3 billion yuan. 2017/2018 key project 29/23, 4946/6994 with a total investment of one hundred million yuan. Airport in the next three years 16/12/22 key projects, involving a total investment of 166.4 billion yuan / 1745/1198.

The move was the industry as "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" start of major initiatives, suggests that the government intends to maintaining economic stability and sustained development in investment way, is also expected to pull the security monitoring, scheduling, domestic advertising large screen display device such as a new demand.

Similarly, the general office of the state council has issued "about guidance to promote the development of general aviation" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"). "Opinions" pointed out that to speed up the general airport construction and strengthening the safety regulation, to 2020, built more than 500 general airport, basic implementation has general airport ground level above cities or general aviation airport transportation service. Heralding, aviation project construction will continue to provide the security monitoring, scheduling, the demand of the domestic advertising and other related equipment.

As we all know, the LED display industry is in excess capacity problems, railways and airports to the demand of the LED display, no doubt to dwell on excess capacity in the whirlpool of LED electronic display provides an opportunity, is also a Gospel LED enterprise. At present, many enterprises in the airport, railway.

State of the airport and railway construction, and expand the consumer market, LED display is relieve excess capacity and improve enterprise profit growth point. With the construction of airport and railway construction, continue to demand not only get rid of excess production capacity, also improve display technology. The author believes that, like wisdom city peace project, airport and railway will be resolve the main force of excess capacity.