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Silan photoelectric achievements glasses-free 3 dled screen time

See:735Date:2017-11-30 20:29:08
When traditional LED display companies are still struggling to see if the picture is clear, the company has advanced into a new era of "naked eye 3D". Compared with the traditional 3 d display, open hole 3 dled display screen is a kind of don't need to wear glasses, professional by the naked eye can see on the screen three-dimensional vivid 3 d effects. The rise of the technology in 2013 caused a stir in the LED display industry.
At present, the domestic developed independently glasses-free 3 dled display of enterprises. However, there are huge business opportunities in the market of naked eye 3D display, so many manufacturers are scrambling to get involved in this area. Silan photoelectric prelude, successfully developed the suffering of the open hole 3 dled display effect.
The graph is silan photoelectric glasses-free 3 dled display
The research result of this research is to break through the traditional "three high" (high grayscale, high refresh, high utilization rate) problem, and has six "high" end advantages: high precision, constant current 0.5ma still can work; High grayscale, real 20bit image bit, linear gray level tuning, small current ultra hd display; High refresh, 32 swept down 2400hz,16 swept down 4800hz,8 swept under 9600hz,4 swept down 19200hz, OE no class division, easy to refresh, programmable eliminate shadow, eliminate ghost shadow completely; High image frame, 120hz image frame work mode, automatic frame synchronization, display more perfect; High reliability, anti-static 6kv; High energy saving, energy saving efficiency up to 66%, extreme low power consumption, real energy saving screen.
More importantly, its open hole effect reached a new level, silan photoelectric glasses-free 3 dled display screen will be the perfect display of LED display effect combined with the advantage of the open hole 3 d performance, for the commercial 3 d display and LED display products are a kind of breakthrough progress.
The graph is silan photoelectric glasses-free 3 dled display
In the future, the LED display will truly realize the high-definition display, while the high-tech function with naked eye 3D will be a direction for the appreciation of LED indoor display. Silan photoelectric glasses-free 3 dled display shock to the audience not only display effect, and can realize the healthy, comfortable glasses-free 3 d visual feast. What happens when the audience off the traditional 3 d glasses, easily enjoy the cinema of super large commercial advertisements and public places, open hole 3 dled screens will become the focus of his attention.