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The influence of small spacing led display on the market

See:526Date:2016-04-28 13:18:19

With the progress of science and technology and the development of the society, improving led display technology, the display performance and quality have been greatly improved, the led display has been applied to various fields of social life. This year, small spacing led display screen market set off a "small spacing" boom, many manufacturers have to adapt to market development mainstream little distance between the led display screen.

What is a little distance between the led display? Led display refers to display some small spacing distance under the P2.5 indoor led display, led display are now in the market of small spacing P2.5, P2.0, P1.8, P1.5, etc. With the continuous improvement of led display technology, the display resolution has been greatly improved. Compared with the traditional led display, led display small spacing point spacing is small, high resolution, it is mainly used for indoor places. In general, the choice of led display and screen using the environment close to the place, outdoor led display is high brightness, big can view, indoor led display high resolution, high refresh rate.

Small spacing led display market mainly in indoor, indoor Spaces and environmental restrictions, small spacing led display to "home", you must first solve the problem of display brightness is too high. We all know that high brightness, perspective is wide, the advantage of high refresh rate is the most common led display characteristics, compared with traditional display screen, led display because of these advantages has been widely used. Hd led display is mainly used in small spacing hotel conference, business, government, and even home theater, display in indoor, high brightness to the person's eye damage is too big, so little bear the brunt of the distance between the led display screen "home" is "high low light grey" challenge.

In in full display market competition, small spacing led display will become the mainstream in the future, at present, many led display manufacturers have begun to make inroads, small spacing display market small spacing led display market will be unusually hot.