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Led display screen _led stage display stage well-known manufacturers recommendations

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Led stage display on large show the good performance of constantly, constantly emerging business opportunities at the same time, also give people a lot of trouble, led stage display what? Led stage display how to control? What led stage display is the well-known manufacturers recommend?


Led display screen _ stage led stage display is what

Simple said is used in stage background LED display is called LED display screen, the stage is the most intuitive and outstanding representatives of the two years we have seen in the stage of the background is the LED display application. This display the biggest characteristics is the rich scene, large screen size, content, performance is gorgeous, can let a person produce immersive feeling of the scene. LED display on the stage to classify, mainly divided into three parts:

One, the home screen, the home screen is the most central stage of the display screen. Most of the time, the home screen into approximate square or rectangle shape. And because it shows that the importance of the content, so the home screen of the pixel density demand is relatively high. Now for the home screen display specification mainly P3, P3.91, P4, P4.81, P5, etc.

Second, the deputy screen, vice on either side of the screen is used for the home screen displays. Its main role is to set off the home screen and so it shows the content is relatively more abstract. As a result, it models used in the relatively are big. Now the specifications of the commonly used are: P7.62, P8, P10, P12 and P16 model, and in the process of using, often is the use of grid type LED display.

Three, the development of video screen, it is mainly used in the case of relatively large, such as: large concert concert, singing and dancing, and so on. In these situations, because space is big, there are a lot of places can't see clearly on the stage characters and effect, so in the sides of the venue set up one or two of the big screen. Its contents are generally not live on the scene of the stage, now commonly used specifications similar to the home screen, P4, P5, P6 this three kinds of specifications of the LED display with much better.

Led display screen _ stage stage led screen is the price

Led stage display resolution generally don't say, because the resolution is associated with large specific area of the screen, this area is usually based on specific circumstances can change. Big screen is often said that the distance of two adjacent lamp bead, namely P a few, such as P10, P12, and so on. The price of around 1000 to 3000.

Led display screen _led stage stage display applications

Led display screen is mainly used in theater stage, large stage performances, meetings, high-grade entertainment discos, outdoor large-scale song and dance party, fashion show, a television studio, concerts, concerts, theme parks, such as temporary exhibitions, events.

Led stage display _led stage display material how to choose

Raw materials including LED lights, LED display driver IC, power supply, power supply signal connector, etc., these are all decided to the core elements of the LED display quality. So the requirement for material selection is: the international famous brand, higher than the industry standard requirements related tests and requirements of various kinds of protection function. Such as the selection of switch power supply requirements: overheating protection, ac input to support wide voltage, resistance to surge. Dc output over voltage, over current protection. Structure design in to ensure that the body beautiful and fashionable at the same time, to ensure good heat dissipation way and fast way of joining together.

Led stage display _ system control scheme of technical requirements

Because of the particularity of led stage display, for the stability of the highly demanding at work. The system control scheme of each link with hot backup functions, including video sending and receiving devices, signal transmission cables, etc. Something it can guarantee the system of the unexpected situation, the system can automatically diagnose and at very fast speed switching to the backup device working, the whole process of switch will not affect the display effect.


Display how to control the led display screen _led stage stage

Led stage display, general use a VGA signal input and video input and switch is done by control software, to complete the control you need to use two computers, one is used to switch signals, one is used to output signal to the led screen. To the output signal of the computer has the dual output (i.e., there are two graphics), in order to achieve the perfect display effect, the best output signal computer have two and add a VGA signal switching device.

Control method is as follows:

If you want to play the video image, the input signal switching control appliances will screen to the use of the video, just with a DVD player; To display the content on the computer, first going to display images on the computer and output, using computer control switch to the VGA

Led display screen _led stage display stage well-known manufacturers recommendations

China silan LED display

As the most excellent domestic LED display suppliers, silan products include used in the stadium in sports and advertising using digital LED display, large-screen video player and control system. The company in 2015 in the installation of more than 150 domestic cities installed more than 700 pieces of electronic display.