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Why didn't LED companies to make money? Because you are short of money

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In the era of product shortage, resource scarcity determines this period must be based on hardware products as the center, the development of the industry is also following the enterprise product innovation and change. After entering the era of excess, the user resource scarcity makes this period the industry innovation in the direction of the change as the needs of users, and the ultimate purpose of this innovation is to satisfy the demand of the users convenient pursue personalized life experience, this is the trajectory of evolution of the whole industry development driving force.

Today, for the LED display industry, the hardware is not short, way of thinking is the lack of social marketing, only change is given priority to with selling goods way of thinking, to introduce and push of social marketing thinking, and under the guidance of this thinking, transformation platform, efforts to reach their potential, it will be under the trend of social marketing, has the upper hand.

Let's take a look at the LED display industry in recent years the marketing mode:

Terminal channel sales business model

For LED display companies at this stage, not the market demand, but is too fierce market competition, enterprises a clear positioning, and on the basis of its own funds, software and hardware power to accurately select channel mode. Market is the guide of the channel, where there is a market there is demand, where there is demand there are channels.

Now LED display manufacturers direct sales model to area around the local module wholesale sales model. Lead to large quantities of customers nearby transfer, which can get better prices and after-sales service more secure. In such a situation, reversed transmission channels of the enterprise to perfect, almost a year, each big LED display companies input channel of the construction of the road, is the best evidence.

"Advertising in screen" mode

Advertising in screen is a kind of new sales model, the LED business will display and advertising company advertising resources, exchange and set up a subsidiary advertisement, advertising slots in the advertising company customer parts again, back to sell yourself.

In theory, if handled well, it can be double money, selling LED display make a money, selling ads can make it again. But this kind of sales model can achieve sustained profitability, the key lies in the location of the replacement AD is good, if the replacement of the advertisements in a certain period of time can't sell, it can form the potential risk.

In fact, the LED display screen enterprises take advertising in sales strategy, advertising business purpose is to want to by the customer, in order to achieve the purpose of quick sales display, the return on investment may work slowly, but there are a lot of potential opportunities.

Experience marketing new pattern

With the evolution of the global industrial trend of intelligent, user demand is not only a hard hardware product, but a kind of brand-new life experience, this experience will require companies to integrate software and hardware to provide comprehensive use of experience. This kind of thinking way to break through the traditional "rational consumer" the assumption, that consumer spending is a reason and sensibility concurrently, when consumers before consumption, consumption, consumption experience, after is the key to the research of consumer behavior and the enterprise brand management.

Such as, silan photoelectric LED display with high-end small spacing in huazhong area for wuhan yuexiu property has created a unique customer experience. With colorful LED display to customers to create a feeling is given priority to, with information, entertainment, reception, sightseeing and other functions as one of the best experience center.

The emergence of experience marketing new pattern, through the experience and thinking, in order to catch consumers' attention, changing consumer behavior, and find new survival value and space for our products.

Lease operation mode

Lease operating mode is a kind of economic behavior in lending to certain fees, the lessor will be for some items that you have used to the lessee, the lessee gain in a period of use right to the item, but item ownership remains in the hands of the lessor.

Such as "hotel by silan photoelectric first screen, free installation, model detonated LED display industry. This mode is provided by the company free of charge to hotel party LED display products, mainly installed on the hotel ballroom or meeting room and other areas, by late fee and charge with the hotel into advertising, achieve win-win cooperation. But with the development of the entertainment industry, hokage shadow K etc to rental LED display has created a new market opportunities.

LED display companies through the leasing operation mode, although in the short term need to pay a huge equipment spending, but in the long run, the hotel will continue to rise, to the demand of LED display on the current and future hotel industry in our country, the entertainment industry, such as the use of demand, income regardless of size or late sustainability will be quite considerable.