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Introduction to the after sales service:
Silan photoelectric Limited company customer service center was founded in November 2006, is responsible for all products pre-sales, customer service service. Customer service center set up a sound service system, and by a strong, well-trained, skilled service team. Now I Division of customer service center by a dozen technical skills, experienced technical support engineers, a comprehensive global technical support work. Customer service center is continuing to improve service level and quality, the greatest degree of assurance to provide customers with strong material support. In order to meet customer needs in time, the company has set up in China, Shanghai, Shenyang, Xi'an, Shenzhen four maintenance offices, to ensure the timely arrival of the project site within 24 hours.
Service content:
Pre sales: product technical plan formulation, field survey, plan to determine
Sale: steel structure production guidance, display installation guide, product training
After sales: product warranty service, customer care, customer care, remote telephone support, customer complaint handling
After sales service:
Courtesy of the reception of each customer, patient to listen to the views of users, to eliminate concerns.
Service personnel on-site service should be unified with the work clothes, wearing a work card, toolkit, civilization construction.
It is strictly forbidden to obtain or receive any gifts from the customer.
Door service should pay attention not to damage the customer goods, after the service is completed to check the trial, clean up and restore the scene.
To check, strict maintenance service personnel after the completion of the work, ensure the quality of maintenance, within the warranty period, the quality problems of customers according to the normal operation and maintenance of the normal case of free repair.
Site maintenance conditions permit, can give customers a two training to meet customer needs.
After the service, the customer in the installation and maintenance of the form of the form of the product and the quality of our products and related suggestions.
Service concept:
Users as the center, service as the fundamental. There is a need to ask, there will be a complaint.
Service target:
Want to the user's thinking, anxious users to meet customer needs as the first goal.